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13 Oct 2010


"Everyone, get ready to 'run' now!" Said one of my colleague.

Oi, I'm on my way to the toilet leh. Why now??

~It's Fire Drill time~

My colleagues and I had went to the safety briefing on fire a few minutes ago at the 3rd floor for about 15 minutes. I knew surely there will be fire drill, but don't know it was so soon. We just came back from the briefing and I just type a few sentences when I feel like going to toilet. When I was going to reach the door, 1 unfamiliar alarm ring. I knew, for sure, it means fire drill. I walked back to my workplace and took out my jacket. Only then I walked out from the room.

Like normal fire drill, we act like it was a real thing. Otherwise, we have to re-do again, as the safety manager was there. Re-do is a no no for us, as it is wasting our precious working time.

The safety place for us is at a parking lot, about 1km away from the building. With appointed wardens who guided us to the safety point and did head counts and our first aider who came down with the first aid box, the safety manager was satisfied and we were 'allowed' to go back.

This fire drill reminded me of the fire drills I had in my university life. It always happened during the midnight. And I hate it farking much. Always did it during my sleeping time. But it's only in a year time, as I moved out from the uni's hostel later. Now that I recalled back, I don't remember having any fire drill in my rented apartment room. Residents in apartments doesn't need any emergency planning?

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