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4 Oct 2010

Potluck for Hari Raya Aidilfitri 2010

Menjamu selera di pejabat sempena potluck Hari Raya 2010!

Hasil usaha semua kakitangan Subtitling Department dari ASTRO

mee dan meehun goreng serta kari vegetarian

I think it's chapati

Roti Jala

Bahan-bahan utk Laksa Johor

Swiss roll

Minuman, salad, agar-agar, cheese cake, chocolate cake

dan kek dari Secret Recipe!

Another potluck event in the third month of my working period. *I can't believed I've been working for 3 months!* It's my first time tasting something special-Laksa Johor. Thanks Kak Nai for the super delicious laksa! Laksa Johor taste like Asam laksa without asam, and Asam Laksa's soup with much more fishes. Asam Laksa has the sour and spicy soup, with some fishes. But this Laksa Johor, I should say it uses kuah rather than soup, as it's very think with fishes and not watery. Next time, when I see any Laksa Johor, I'll just give it a try...again!

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