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9 Feb 2009

3rd Part of Chinese New Year

2nd February til 6th February

Though not many people celebrate these few days, as many started to work, study, to do all those IMPORTANT stuff, but it's still in Chinese New Year celebration. I spent these few days with my homework. Tutorial work due on Thursday and assignment due on Friday. I'm not in the Chinese New Year mood anymore, as I don't have to time to 'feel' it. My mind was full with 'world knowledge', my assignment's topic. Just don't know what should I include in the report. While I still scratching my head, squeeze my mind so that something will pop out, time already flies by. Real hate it to do things at the very last minute. But hey, who actually wants to do homework during the CNY celebration? Even Mr. Koay, my senior coursemate also agreed with us! That's why up until last minute, that is before the due time, I'm still rushing to finish it. Studies? Feel bored, as the topic recently were quite bored. Like it's not a new thing to me. But all in all, these days passed so fast til I felt that I've been in Penang for some time now (though it's only 1 week).

Saturday & Sunday

Lepak-ing at home, spent my precious own time. Cook breakfast cum lunch, as woke up late. There was some vege and meehun left, from my housemate-JC's dinner with her Math School's coursemates. I planned to cook meehun sup with vege, but there was no anchovies (to make the sup). So I end up added the meehun with mee goreng, and fried the vege with some garlic. It's my first time to cook, but it's still eatable, ok? Watch 'Changeling', and cried so much. Didn't went out with my housemates who went to Kek Lok Si at night, as I wished to stay alone here. Like to be left alone so much. But felt regret now with that decision. It's not that there was something special happened, but somehow just felt regret lah. Besides that, also gave my blog a new look. Spent so much time figuring how to add gadgets. Lucikly Tze Sieng was 'there' helping me. She 'teached' me through MSN! This is what we call online learning!! :) Went to Tesco to buy some stuff and had my dinner there. God, each time went shopping, must spent at least RM20++. Tell u what, Penangities DON'T EAT anchovies! I search for the anchovies here and there, but couldn't find it. End up bought Maggi's anchovies' cube. I know it's not healthy to eat so much cube, but what can I do? Can't find anchovies here!

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