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13 Feb 2009

Few wonderful days

Day 1-Birthday celebrations
11 February was Xin Mi's birthday. SzeSze, MingWei, Lawrence, ChiaMin, ZheRong, SheiHan n I went out to Queensbay Mall to celebrate with her. It's a joint birthday celebration, as SheiHan's birthday is on the 16th Feb. Both XinMi and SheiHan herself doesn't know that we are planning this joint birthday celebrations. We booked a taxi and a private car to fetch us there after our tutorial class. But Lawrence went earlier as he don't have the tutorial class. He went to buy the birthday cake and keep it in the restaurant, Breeks. We had our dinner there and the cake was our dessert. Both SheiHan and XinMi only found out that it was a joint birthday celebrations when we the cake came out, as the were 2 big candles and 3 small candles (1 or XinMi, 2 for SheiHan). Joint birthday celebrations is good, 'cos we'll save our time! Hehe..

The cake

My maincourse

The only guys in our 'gang'.

All gurls in our 'gang'.

Day 2-Movie Red Cliff 2
I've been waiting for the chance to watch this movie, as it was released on 25th January 2009. The chance came when someone treat my friends and I to cinema. It's a continuos from the first part. It's an action movie. More precisely, it's an epic war film. This movie is based on the Battle of Red Cliff and events during the end of the Han Dysnasty and immediately prior to the period of the Three Kingdoms in ancient China. Basicaly it is about a war that was started by CaoCao, the Prime Minister of Eastern Han Dynasty. He requested for the Emperor of Xian's permission to launch a campaign against the warlords LiuBei and SunQuan in southern China, whom he considers rebels against the Han Dynasty. Two troops that are involved in the battle are troops CaoCao and combination troops of LiuBei and SunQuan, lead by ZouYu, the viceroy and chief commander for SunQuan, and with the help of LiuBei's chief advisor, ZhuGeLiang. The film showed ZhouYu and ZhuGeLiang's intelligence, CaoCao's cruelity and GuanYu, ZhangFei and ZhaoYun's fighting spirit. The movie was divided into 2 parts, as the director, John Woo, was too interested in the film making until he didnt realise that the movie is four hous length. The main actors in the movie are Tony Leung as ZhouYu, Takeshi Kaneshiro as ZhuGeLiang, ZhangFengYi as CaoCao, ZhangZhen as SunQuan, HuJun as ZhaoYun, ZhaoWei as SunShangXiang(SunQuan's sister) and LinChiLing as XiaoQiao(ZhouYu's wife). The casts did a good job on protraying the characters the way the director wanted. And the action scenes was very action. Soldiers run, stab, boom here and there, generals ride the horses here and there, swords swinging here and there..all those stuff that should occured in war is included. It's a great movie in every aspects. It's worth to watch many times!

Day 3-The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Finally, this movie is released. And I rush to the nearest cinema to watch it. The crowd is less, as it's the earliest time slot. I read before the movie's plot, it's an emotional film. But for God's sake, I don't know it's sooo touching that I cried so much throughout the whole movie! Read the storyline alone I've already felt touching. Now sitting in front of the wide screen and watch the casts play their role, it gives more feeling! I don't know that it will make me cry so much! I thought I cried so much while watching 'Changeling', but now I cried even more while watching this film. I don't have to say much more about this movie. My tears already tell you guys the story. Those people who have 'feeling', will have the same feeling like me (though I know you won't cry so much, as I'm the one who's easy to cry), while those who don't have 'feeling', you can challenge yourself and see whether it's 'high standard' enough to make you feel something. To all who are going to watch it in the cinema, please prepare yourself and the one beside you some tissues!

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