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20 Feb 2009


Valmont is a 1989 drama film directed by Miloš Forman, based on the French novel Les Liaisons Dangereuses (1782) by Choderlos de Laclos. It was adapted for the screen with a screenplay by Jean-Claude Carrière.


Merteuil is a beautiful, wealthy widow in society that was recently dismissed by her secret lover Gercourt after he announces that he is newly betrothed. Merteuil learns from her cousin Madame de Volange that Gercourt’s new fiancé is no other than Volange’s 15 year old daughter Cecile. Volange confides in Merteuil that Gercourt specifically chose Cecile as she was raised in a convent in order to keep Cecile chaste before marriage. Volange also admits there were worries over the betrothal as people were discussing Gercourt’s former mistress’ questionable sanity.
Angered over the loss of her spurned lover and his slight of her character, Merteuil plots to deface Cecile’s virtuousness by having her friend Valmont seduce the young, naïve Cecile. Valmont declines Merteuil’s request relating that he is currently trying to allure Madame de Tourvel, a married guest of his aunt that is staying in the country while her husband is abroad, into bed with him. Merteuil chides Valmont in his conquest and the two place wagers on his success or failure. If Valmont succeeds in bedding the innocent Tourvel, he will be able to bed Merteuil, a feat that she constantly rebuffs. However, if he fails, Merteuil demands that he must join a monastery for losing.

Although Merteuil does not have the charming libertine Valmont for assistance, she is able to separate Cecile from her music teacher, Danceny when she informs Cecile’s mother of their mutual affection and infatuation with each other she learns in confidence from Cecile. At the same time, Valmont is unsuccessful at his numerous attempts of wooing Tourvel. He learns that Cecile’s mother, Volange, has warned Tourvel of his sexual scheming and debauchery and she flees back to the city to get away from Valmont’s constant attempts at seducing her. After learning of this, Valmont decides to assist Merteuil in corrupting the young Cecile.
Merteuil convinces her cousin to allow Cecile to join her in the countryside to help Cecile get over the loss of her music teacher, when, in fact, she helps Cecile write secret love letters to Danceny. The two of them join Valmont at his aunt’s residence where he playfully flirts with Cecile. Valmont offers to help Cecile write a letter on Merteuil’s advisement and Valmont takes full advantage of his opportunity to exact revenge on Volange. When Cecile confides to Merteuil what she has done, Merteuil encourages her young cousin to use Valmont as training for when Cecile finally gets her chance with Danceny.

Valmont and Merteuil spar after she learns that his affection for Tourvel is more than just sexual infatuation, which he vehemently denies. After Merteuil and Cecile return back to the city, Valmont goes to Tourvel and finally admits that he has fallen in love with her and she returns his affections. In the morning, she leaves to the market to prepare a meal for him, but Valmont decides not to stay and goes to collect his prize from Merteuil.

He discovers Merteuil in bed with Danceny and chases him out of the bedroom. Merteuil laughs at her latest conquest and reproves Valmont for his abandonment and denial of his true feelings for Tourvel. Merteuil refuses to honor her wager and Valmont leaves in a fury. When he tries to go back to Tourvel to apologize, she refuses to see him. He decides to drink himself to a stupor. Danceny later learns of Valmont’s treachery and challenges him to a duel – at which Valmont is slain by Danceny. Danceny flees town after Valmont’s death. Cecile later learns of Merteuil’s deceit, lies and scheming, but it already too late as she discovers she is pregnant with Valmont’s child. His aunt is overjoyed when Cecile shares her news and promises to be there for her and Valmont’s child. The film ends with Cecile’s wedding to Gercourt with Merteuil watching on alone.

This movie is full of deceit, lies and scheming. Aiyoyo..don't know how to describe it. Just feel that human are real scary. And it's hard to recognize a person. How can a cousin do such thing to another cousin?? How can they paly with other's feeling? Wooing someone and then dump them so that they can win on a bet. It's ruining other people's life! Arghhh!!! Scary, scary and scary!!

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