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24 Feb 2009


OMG! Am I qualified to build a dictionary? I'm only an undergraduate student. Why am I needed to be burden by that?! Anyway, just build one as I need to pass up...as an assignment. What topic to choose leh?? The criteria is: a BM dic, and only 3 words as the entries and give the meanings of the entries. Simple as that. But hey, crack my head also don't know what topic to choose!! The procedure is like this: choose a topic, find texts that related to your topic, build a WordList, build a Concordance, choose the words, look at Concordance what does those words means, and then do ya entries. Seems easy right?? Wait til you do it. The hardest part will be finding texts. Its stated that It wil be good enough if you all ya texts have at least 50,000 words. Walau!!! ... But depends on ya topic. Fuh! Luckily there's the last sentence. Otherwise, I might run away to Switzerland/Italy and visit Kimi Raikkonen! :) Think hard, think hard hard, think hard hard hard, think hard hard hard hard... ... ...nak buat topik ape??? :(
At last, I made up my mind. I'll go for... ... ...Tennis. Try to find as many texts as I can. Oi, in Bahasa leh. Not easy to find. But there's only 1 source to go for: Utusan online (as far as I know lah). Find out every articles about tennis... and that's just 2 weeks back. By the time when there were 1 week left, I already know what words should I use and I did the entries first, as I think my texts was still not enough. I'll add on later. While others were still headache and had to skip classes to finish it during the last 2 days (those who are in the same tutorial class with me lah), I was, ermm...attending classes, doing other stuffs and blogging. Aiyoo...see what happen to all my coursemates?? All kisiao already!! Haiz, now we know how hard for the builders to build a dictionary, but they do it because they have passion, 热情, keghairahan! But BATI students, no matter you got passion, 热情, keghairahan or not, you still need to build it "Untuk keperluan HBT207". But I can say 90% of us here don't have passion, 热情, keghairahan!
One thing that I have to admit is, I do learn more things about tennis. Though I like sports so much, I'm not an encyclopedia. I DON'T know everything about some sports, like tennis. I choosed this sport because I wanna know a little more about it. And now I can loudly said that, I really achieved my targets, not only build a dictionary, but more importantly, I do know more about tennis! :)

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