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7 Feb 2009

Birthday suprises

How to do it?!
It's fun to see people being surprised, but it's real hard to make the surprise. I did successfully organised a birthday surprises to both of my housemates Yee Siew aka Wendy and Kai Sheng aka Kalao 3 weeks ago, as both their birthdays were during the Chinese New Year break. Wendy is an old friend of mine and she's my room mate too. Another roommate of mine, Kim Pei aka KP already hinted at me that Wendy was asking birthday present from us. KP and I really think hard what to prepare as a present for her. But it's hard to find out what she wants as she's got everything she needed. Finally, this idea popped up. Why not we give her her boyfriend(initial:STK) ? (Wendy's boyfriend is studying in UM, KL) Thus the planning begun.

My housemates had been planning to have our reunion dinner (for Chinese New Year celebration) on 16th January 2009, Saturday. So, KP and I plan to do the birthday surprises on that particular day. Wendy and Kalao shouldn't know this planning. At first, we were still not sure whether the reunion dinner should be held at a nearby restaurant, with those friends living below us (4th floor's friend), or just having it at our house . So, plan A, which is the dinner at the restaurant, will go like this: STK would bring in the birthday cake when we are half way having our dinner. How should STK reach the restaurant as he's not sure where is the place? Solution: 1 of my housemate,JC will suddenly 'received' an very important phone call, asking to meet her which is actually to bring in STK. As Kalao is the only one who drives among my housemates, JC should ask the other friend who also drive, from 4th floor, to fetch her 'to meet someone'. Then, STK will go to the restaurant with them. While plan B, which is having the dinner at our house, will be more simple and easy. STK will just popped out with the cake at the frontdoor halfway through the dinner when JC go downstairs 'to pick up something'.

Planning was sure easy, but the important things is whether STK can make it on that particular time. As I'm the only one who have STK's number (Wendy gave him mine number in case he can't find Wendy, and he happened to call me to find Wendy once, so I got his number), I did the asking. Thank God he can make it on that particular day. My plan go easier as the final decision to have the dinner will be at our house. Thus, we'll go on with Plan B! STK is not only the present for Wendy, as we also prepared a real present for her. We bought her a Tweety Bird's bedsheet, as she don't have her own bedsheet. All these while she used her sister-in-law's. Tweety Bird's design as some said she looks like Tweety Bird (the eyes). We also bought bus ticket for STK (coz we asked him to come here at the first place), so that it will be easy for him to take bus back to KL the next day. As for Kalao, we were not sure what to give him, as he's single and didnt lack of anything. But his present was a T-shirt. We also booked birthday cakes for them, 1 for Wendy and 1 for Kalao. We curi-curi done the shopping and cakes, as we do not want either of them know. Thus, everything was ready. We just have to wait for that day to arrive.

During these 12 days, we had to keep it secret from them whenever we want to discuss these things. When that particular day arrived, the 2 important people were busy with their stuffs, so they were not at home. This make our plan more easier. We went to take the cakes and kept it at our friend's place (at 4th floor). STK should arrive at my house around 6pm after he done his shopping (present for Wendy) and he should wait at McDonald's until we call him. He reached here earlier than expected, but luckily only KP and me were at home. Kalao and other housemates went to do last minute shopping. So, STK came, took a bath and still have time to do some revision before other housemates called to say that 'Kalao and us are coming back now', which means STK need to go and hide now.

While we were preparing the food, Wendy was still playing volleyball, as she took part in the Sukad (Sukan antara Desasiswa). When everybody is at home and the food is ready, I asked STK to meet JC and SJ at the 4th floor to get the cake. When we were waiting JC to reach, all of us already waiting at the table. JC came in a while, then when she saw SJ came in, she switched off the light. And then we sang the birthday song. Wendy was suprised to see that her man bring in the cake! Kalao was a bit slow to get it, as he thought both the cakes were for Wendy! I can see that Wendy's face was full of surprises and happinees. She was very happy. So was Kalao. All things were 'exposed' when we had our dinner. Both of them felt real dumb as they really didnt notice all the things we've planned!

It was a success, but most importantly, I had to say a lot of thanks to STK. Without him, it won't be soo success! :)

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