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18 Feb 2009

Valentine's Day

A traditional day in the West when lovers express their love to each other by sending Valentine's cards or presenting gifts. It's actually a Western culture, but thanks to a concentrated marketing effort and techonologies, Asian countries with Singaporeans, Chinese and South Koreans also spending much money on Valentine's gifts. Personally, I don't think we need a special day to express our love to the other half. If a couple is in love, everyday will be their Valentine's day. A little massage can also be a Valentine's gift. Why do we need to spend so much money on something that will priced higher on that particular day to show our love? Does it mean money can buy love? Sure, if you have much more money, it surely will make your love life more colourful and wonderful. But does that mean those couple who is not celebrating Valentine's day on 14 February does not love each other? No, it's not. It's just that they have another way to express their love, during other days. Everybody have their ways to show their love. Some like to express it 'together' with other couples (meaning celebrate it during the Valentine's day), while other express it in their daily life. A good lover is not judged by whether he express his love on Valentine's day or not. Its how he care and respect his partner. Express your love whenever you are with your partner, not only during the Valentine's day.

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