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27 Feb 2009

Yesterday, when my phone rang...

"Pheng Pheng, Kim Pei and I will go back later tonight. You wanna go back also?"
"I can't. I still have works to do."
"OK, then. Bye"
"See ya!"

Thus, I'm now staying alone in my room. 2 room mates went back to their hometown, 2 housemates went to classes, while the other 2 joined a camp. Finally, I'm ALL alone!!! Yeah!!! I prefer to stay alone, to tell you the truth. Sometimes, I just feel that me myself just need to be left alone, to be with, myself, in my own world. I don't want my world to mix up with others. I just need to be in my world. Sometimes when my room mates were there, I just feel like asking them to get out of the room. For me, alone is better. I don't need a companion. I just need myself. Sometimes I wish I own the whole room. But I'm not affordable to do so. Hence, I just wish my room mates will go back to their hometown as frequent as they can, so I can 'own' the room for some time! Now, I'll just enjoy myself in my world!

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