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8 Feb 2009

Buzzing News

Chaos in Perak Government

After the 2008's general election, Perak was govern by Pakatan Rakyat aka PR, which were the opposition. But four assemblymen caused a political mayhem, and now Perak is govern by Barisan Nasional. It's not a healthy scenario, but hey, it's POLITICs. ANYTHING can happen in politics. While the other part of the world is suffering from the economic crisis (though it's still not as serious as the one in 1997), Malaysians are watching 'drama'. It's like we are not facing other major problems. I just hope that the drama will have a good 'ending', and to whom it may concern, please REMEMBER this: don't be so selfish, and be more MATURE!

Chaos in Michael Phelps' Life

America's 2008 Olympic's hero, who won 8 gold medalist in the games, had been suspended for 3 months after a photo showed that he apparently was inhaling from a marijuana pipe. In a flick of time, he became a zero from a national hero. We can't blame everything on Phelps. He's only a young guy who just happended to know some 'wrong' people, whom he taught will be his friend. In the end, he messed up with it, and now got punished. He had learn a lesson. His story should just stop here. Quite much, but not less.

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