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6 Mar 2009

Days after 'suffering' with workloads,

I went out to have some fun with other 'workmates'. It's supposed to be a movie trip, but as we were bored with this all-time activity, we think of trying new things here. At last, we try to bowl here. Lawrence, coursemates of mine, was a local here in this area. Thus, it was his idea actually to bowl. As this was a bowling trip, there were less people joining in. Hence, we took bus to Bukit Jambul (BJ) mall after our class. BJ is, well not my favourite place to go. It seems like Klang's CenterPoint with many Bangladeshis, Indonesians etc, these so called 'foreign people'. It's not the best place for me, now and future. If it's not the bowling center, I will not come all the way near Bukit Jambul area. Never. Played for 2 games there, but I still can't find my playing rythm. Thus, I did not scored well. The high scorer among us was Ming Wei the beginner!!! OMG!! But hey, it's just a game. Hehe...nothing much to feel lost. Everyone did lost something in their life. For me, it's not a big loss. Still manageable!! :)
After the games, we played pool. It's not easy to 'make a ball roll into the hole'. Hmm..we took some time to finish the game. Some time for us, a few minutes for the amateur. It's like after they had finished a game, we still half way through to finish ours. Hehehe...then went for movie, entitled Love Matters. A funny movie and laugh til I fall from my chair, especially when Mark Lee appeared with his "Madam...madam and madam" scenes! It's quite enjoyable to laugh out heartly after a long time with workloads. I felt energized!

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