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20 Mar 2009

Blind Love

Case 1:
Singer Chris Brown, at the night before the Grammy Awards, was reportedly "tried to push Rihanna from his rented Lamborghini but failed because she was wearing a seatbelt. Brown then shoved Rihanna's head against the passenger window and repeatedly punched her in the face, spattering blood in the car and on her clothing and filling her mouth with blood, the affidavit said. During the beating, Rihanna left a message for an assistant to have police waiting for the couple at home, prompting Brown to tell her: "You just did the stupidest thing ever. I'm going to kill you."Brown continued to punch Rihanna, bit her ear and finger and put her into a headlock." Then the young couple were "separated", with Brown 'busy' with police about the charging, while Rihanna was "resting and recovering" for her bruises (physically and mentally) from the incident. Most of us will think that surely this couple won't got along again, but "unfortunately", rumours said the couple was reconciled (back on 9 March 2009) after the spilt. Upon hearing the news, friends were worried bout her and Oprah Winfrey said the alleged beating make her so sad that she'll do a show dedicated to dating violence this week. Winfrey offered Rihanna advice on her Friday show, saying, "Heal yourself first, and also, love doesn't hurt." She also urged the couple to seek counselling. Winfrey says the Thursday episode is "dedicated to all the Rihannas of the world". (10 March 2009) Then, Rihanna was quoted saying that she was concerned at the reaction she will get if officially confirms she has rekindled her romance with Brown. "She still loves Chris very much and, although she's forgiven him privately, she's not prepared for the backlash from her fans." said a pal of Rihanna. (16 March 2009) And now, on 19th March, "Rihanna has reportedly heeded Oprah Winfrey's advice and take a break from on/off boyfriend."

Case 2:
Vivian Chow, Hong Kong based Cantopop singer and actress, are married to her long time boyfriend Joe Ngai. But the wedding are not the months long type of preparation. They got married after Joe was found seeing a younger (much much younger) women. Joe was 'famous' with his playboy fame, and that was not the first time he cheated on Vivian. And Vivian forgive all the things he had done. Although Joe publicly admits his mistakes and apologize to Vivian, he did not wish to broke up/things like that. People thought that this time Vivian will not be a good lady. She had suffered so much because of him all these years. Ironically, she decided to marry the boyfriend. They secretly got married and of course, they don't have big ceremony like other celebrities will have (somehow, they think it's not suit to do a grand ceremony upon these happended things).

LOVE is Blind. Women just can't let a relationship finished off, just like that. When a women really fal in love, they really go for the same man, but not others. When a women loves a man, she'll fight for him and do all that she can, probably will aslo sacrifice herself. No matter how bad a man is, what had he done to her, she still love him. But can't a man be more responsible in a relationship? All women want from them is their LOVE!

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