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29 Mar 2009

%^$& ~@$ newspaper!!!

I misssed the first race of the new Formula 1 season!!! Arghhhhh!!! Stupid newspaper didn't show that it will broadcast!! Dxxx!! I only knew about it when I chat with my brother long after the race had finished. Sien ahh!!! I wouldn't mind if the reason I missed is because the local station didnt broadcast, but I'm real sad because I did missed it for some stupid reason! Anyway, the whole race was quite amazing. Those big big teams were left out, and those who went podium are small small teams. Not sure what's the reason behind these, surely there are some things the drivers will talk about after the very 1st race. The car during testing period will definitely different from the actual race, Kimi Raikkonen once said. Indeed, it's very different. Guess the teams needs to figure it out what happened before going to the next race at Sepang.

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