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21 Mar 2009


Tagged!! Arghh!!!! Ok...here comes the answers..opps..the questions first!

1. Do you think you're hot?
~The weather here is already hot, still wanna be 'hot'?! hehe..I think I'm cool.~

2. Upload your favourite picture of you
~here comes the pix!

3. Why do you like that picture?
~ Because family gathering is the PRECIOUS moments!~

4. When was the last time you ate pizza?
~Hmm...I think it was months ago, with my coursemates.~

5. The last song you listened to?
~ Sail Away by Enya.~

6.What are you doing right now besides this?
~Reading online newspaper...~

7. What name would you prefer besides this?
~Hmm...my name is my identity!~

** 5 person
1) Kimi Raikkonen
2) Mark Feehily
3) Mummy
4) Daddy
5) Sha Ney

8. Who is no. 1?
~Easy! He's my favourite F1 driver!~

9. No 3 is having relationship with?
~Daddy lor.~
10. Say something about no. 5
~My old friend from kampung, both of us had sweet childhood memories!~

11. How about no 4?
~My dad is not as strict as my mum!~

12. Who is no 2?
~Mark is my favourite band member from Westlife.~
Rule: Use Google Image to search the answers the nswers to the questions below. Then you must choose a picture in the first page of results, and post it as your answer. After that tag 7 people.

*The Age Next Birthday*

*Place I do like to travel*
~Republic of Ireland~

*Favourite place to be*
~My room!~

*Favourite Food*
~Any homecook food by my family.~

*Favourite Thing*

*My Nickname*

*Favourite Colour*
~This one.~
~One of it. Still got others.~

*My Love*
~None other than this!~

*Wish List*
~Real hope I can do this.~

I'm not going to tagged anyone, but if any one of you feel free to do it, just go ahead!

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