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19 Mar 2009

Don't Pray Pray!

The guy with curly hair, a big mole and a pair of yellow boot with his famous line:"Best in Singapore and JB, and some say in Batam" is coming back!! This time around, Phua Chu Kang and his wife, Rosie migrate to Malaysia to start a bussiness. PCK will now known as Phua Chu Kang Sdn. Bhd. as the show will now based to it's Malaysian audience. Thus, Malaysian's actors and artistes will have roles in the sitcom. Adibah Noor, Harith Iskandar, Nell Ng, Carliff Carleel and Fadzlie Rahim will appear in the show.
Originaly, the sitcom were known as PCKPL, and was filmed in Singapore. But after 10 years of airing through it's 8 seasons with a successful achievement and full of sweet memories, the show came to an end on February 2007. Throughout these years, the show had filled in most people's life-with laughters and funny scene-in Singapore itself and in Malaysia. While some of us grow up with the sitcom, the casts itself also grow up with the show. The actors had felt a huge life changes when they were labelled as Singapore's icon.
Though I'm not a 100% fans of the show, I'll catch up with the series whenever it is possible. It's good to have some laughter after a full day of work, to stress out my mind and recharged back. In that way, I'll live better. I'm glad that this show is coming back again with a new context, and I'm hoping that it will be as funny as last time, or funnier!

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