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6 Mar 2009

Michael Learns To Rock

MLTR is in show business for some time, but the songs I remebered from them are only a few. And I didn't know all the lyrics, as I just humming along when those songs were played. You may think I'm outdated, as those songs I mention were actually their old songs. But hey, it doesnt' matter if it's an old song. If the songs keep playing until now, means the songs are worth to listen to! Lately, I truly understand the whole lyrics for some of their songs, and this is how I felt: OMG! How can they sing with soo much feeling? The first time I heard those songs, I managed to feel something. But with the lyrics, I trully feel things deep inside myself!! Those songs, of course are 25 Minutes, Paint My Love, That Why (You Go Away). For me, these are my all time favourite songs. But songs like Blue Night and Take Me To Your Heart are great too. Hmm...i'm going to look for others songs from them also, as I think their voice and the melodies are great!! :)

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