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17 Mar 2009


I just don't get it why there are people who likes to waste their time by doing 'nonsense' during daytime but only start rushing to do their work at night and then stay till late at nite, and during the next morning, skip the morning classes, and then complained that they don't have enough time to sleep and feels very tired. The first thing come into my mind upon this situation is: You DESERVE it! I just can't understand how they can lepak-ing, movie-ing, relaxing during the day when they yet to finish their work. And the thing I hate most is that all the 'noises' I got during the night, the time when I wanna to sleep. You see, I'm staying in an apartment. And I think the wall in the apartment is not thick enough, thus we can hear through the wall with the door closed whenever the person outside speak too loudly. And I don't know why these people don't have common sense. How can they laugh so loud at the middle of the night, during 1-3 am? Don't they know that other people can hear them?! I just can't get it what is inside their brain, or should I said do they really use their brain before doing something?! They know they are 'heavy', but they still can't control themselves when walking in the room-walk like a gorilla, making lots of noise. They know people are sleeping, but they just rammed the room's and bathroom's door loudly. Why should they do that? They've been doing this for some time, especially when the due date of assignments is nearer. Told them quite some times before, but still in no vain. It's not only these. They seems dunno how to care for others, and themselves. Thrashes that are full, drinking water that were going to finish etc. Til now, some of them didn't do these things before, or they did do those things, but when only being asked. I do show my anger-while I'm doing all that stuffs-banging harder or I'll just keep quite and do the things all the time or when they asked me something, I'll just replied them coldly. And that's when they know I got angry. But it doesn't change anything, as they didnt do anything either! The thing I got from here is, they don't have an initiative to do something. And I just don't know how far can they go even these little small stuffs they can't do on their own initiative. I don't think I'm very fussy, but I just think that somehow, these little small stuffs should be done on their initiative. I don't like to embrass them by asking them to do these stuffs frequently, but they really should be ashamed of themselves!

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