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22 Mar 2009

The Parent Trap

Few days ago, there were news about actress, Natasha Richardson (who was quite a famous actress, I think), fell while taking a skiing lesson and sustained a head injury, but after 2 days, she passed away. There were many news about the late actress, from her background (her mother was also an actress) to her own achievement in the film industry. And a movie's title, The Parent Trap, always appeared whenever the story about Richardson being told. I happened to have the movie, but haven't watch it. Thus, it was my weekend's movie.

The Parent Trap is a 1998 family film remake of 1961's same titled film. It stars Dennis Quaid, Lindsay Lohan and the late Natasha Richardson. The plots involves a pair of twins who have been separated at birth, and upon meeting by chance, decide to work together to reunite their divorced parents. Lindsay Lohan played the twins role, and I must admit that she's cute! (hey, I don't like the present her, okay? coz she's like self destructing herself, as she is actually quite talented.) Natasha Richardson take the mother's role. Gosh! The actress was sooo beautiful, and graceful! And the movie is, well, like the title itself, trap their parents! The twins did a lot of things so that their parents will back together. They switched their role to meet the parent whom they never had a chance to meet before. And each of them have a duty: one finds out how their parents met, while the other one finds out what's the reason their parents divorced. Oh, did I mention that the twins also trick the lady-in-red-lipstick-who-seduces-their-dad-to-marry-her-so-that-she-can-get-his-wealth?? Its fun to watch these kids try so hard to get their parents back.

But in reality, couples who have children always want to get divorce, for many reasons. Do these couple really think of their children before they anounced to divorce? Do they really know what is their children's feeling??

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