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15 Mar 2009

The Reds vs The Devils

A battle that most of the soccer fans were waiting for. Battle between rivals Liverpool and Manchester United. Man U is the reigning champions of the English Premier League, but Liverpool who thrashed Real Madrid with 4-0 few days ago looks so strong. Though it's not a title fight (still got some months to go), but it's still a match worth to watch, as both teams always play well. Man U are the favourite to win the match as the team are now leading the EPL chart, and it has many great players like Cristiano Ronaldo and Wanye Rooney, to name a few. But Liverpool is not bad either. Players like Steven Gerrard and Fernando Torres, also have a good career. I'm not a big fan of both club, but just wanna know the on going match. I didn't watch it live, though. 'Watching' online will not have the chance to see clearly, but it's enough for me. It's unimportant that I nearly forgot it. When I remembered, it's already minutes 88, the scored 3-1, where Liverpool was leading. I was not shock, as I do think anything can happen in the 90 minutes. But the score do suprised me. 4-1! How did they do it? Anyway, I can't 'rewind' back the scene, and I won't know how they scored. But just after I had finished read all the commentaries written before, Liverpool scored again!! AMG! They were all 100% fit! And I'm not sure whether Man U's did badly in this match or just that Liverpool played superb-ly! Man U were really humiliated by the score, especially lost 4 goals in a home game. I don't think Man U had done so bad in a home game so far. Thus, my conclusion is, everythings have it's up and down. One will not always stay on top forever. They'll fall in the end. But the important thing is, what approach do one use when they fall deep down. Do they just let it be? Or do they fight back? This is important, as it will decide the next step, to move forward or just stop there.

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