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23 Aug 2009

Curtain falls

Semester break has finally come to an end. Sweet time had passed, and I need to restart the normal Uni life-books, assigments, discussions, etc again. Started with the International Conference on Translation, and ended with a trip to Genting-Sunway Lagoon. Like I said, I had spent some precious moment with some coursemates that I seldom mixed with. And with those friends that I used to mix with, the Genting-Sunway trip make our relationship grow stronger-we know more about each other. That's the fact that can't be left out, coz I think each outing that we went, we surely found one or two 'new' elements about others.

Anyway, back to the trip, we went off to Genting on Thursaday night, reached there at 3am. =.=' The weather was damn cold. We didnt plan to stay, thus we went to toilet to brush up, and went to casino. That's the only place that was still operating. Spend around 2 hours there, before went for breakfast after failing to watch sun rise, as it was raining cats and dogs. Had our breakfast for some time, as we were real slow when eating-tired of not getting a good sleep. Anyway, around 7am, the crowd grew bigger. Went to buy bus tickets to KL, before going into the outdoor theme park. Played most of the excited rides, except the Corkscrew and space shot ride. Only after we had play, we had our lunch at KFC, before loitering around in door and First World Hotel's lobby for the time of going down to Genting Skyway. Got our 5.30pm's bus to KL Sentral and waited for 4 KTM trains to get back to Shah Alam. I don't know why there were sooo many people until we had to wait for the 4th train to get in. The train that we took was also full. We were sandwich-ing and was pushed in, not walked into the train.

I was damn so tired.

The next day, which was yesterday, went to Sunway Lagoon. It was half dry, half wet day. We bought an All parks pass, and went to all parks. A stupid remarks. Started off with those dry games, as the rule stated that once went into wet parks, we are not allowed to play those dry games. We started off with the nearest ride that we could find-Pirates Revenge. This Pirates ride was much more exciting than the one in Genting, coz it swing until we were upside down, plus, it stops for a moment when we were in that upside position. Lukily I had voice to shout out. Then it started to rain. So we went to the Wildlife park to pay those animals a visit, and Shei Han's string of beads was snatched by the ever naughty Snowy, who put the bracelet into his mouth too. Aiiks. Disgusting. Then, went in to the Scream park-it's like a ghost house, but with many themes-Night in Museum, Prison Breaks, etc. Scary leh. And then, went for Apache Pots as it had shades, thus spinning all the way. As the rain stops, we went for the Tomahawk ride aka the scissor ride, where it really turns upside down, 360 degree. Fun leh. Too bad Sze Sze was not here, cos I guarentee she will like it too.

Then we went to Wild Wild West part-we had Vultures, Butch Cassidy Trail, Grand Canyon River Rapids, Buffalo Bill Coaster, Colorado Splash, Niagara Falls Flume Ride. We had twice of the Niagara Falls Flume ride!! It's so exciting, with the splashing water!! Just after we had the Niagara rides, it started to rain again. We stoped to had our lunch. Then continue with the Extreme park. As the Suspension Bridge was not open, we walked through the surf beach to get there.

At Extreme park, we had the All Terrain Vehicle ride-was fun to have a chance to drive it through the terrain. Then went for Swan ride, which was quite bored. And then, went for the Flying Fox game. Had fun while flying foxing!! :0 As the park was closing at 6pm, we went to have some water rides-Cameroon and Afikan Python rides, before went to take bath.

After we had clean ourselves, we checked out, and got ourselves a souvenier from Sunway Lagoon by exchanging out wristband valued RM 10, with the staffs in charge. Took a group photo before we left to JCo donuts in Sunway Pyramid. Left this place at 7pm and had our dinner at Shah Alam. We had a pillow talk after I've done my laundry until 2am.

I had so much fun!!!!

Woke up at 6.30am today as we had an 8am's bus to catch. Reached Penang at 11.30am, which was quite early. Not sure whether it's because there was less traffic or was the driver speeding, as I slept during the whole journey. Anyway, Aeroline bus was comfortable as the Nice bus.

We had so much fun!!!!!!

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