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27 Aug 2009

It's raining days

It has been raining since Sunday. 4 days of uncontinuosly rainny days. It's like they are taking off to rest for some hours, so that they can again and again. Where did the water come from? I like rainny days, but the liken part only starts if it rains when I'm at home. Have some hot drinks and food is the ideal way to keep warm, as the cool air keep flowing around. And it's the best time to curl into the comforter, with the soft toys and cozy bed I have. Love, love, love. But I dislike rainny days if I was out to somewhere, especially during classes, as I have to move around the campus. Wet, wet, wet. And it makes me, my bag and shoes went wet. Hate it, hate it, hate it. Suddenly, I missed the sunshine. Want it, want it, want it. I used to dislike it as normally, it was too damn hot. Wherever we go, the sun will shine at us and make us sweat a lot. But now, I'm not the only one who need him. Many of us too. Mr. Rain has stayed way too long. And I'm not sure how long can Mr. Ditch hold on to before he 'vommited' what Mr. Rain had given. When will Mr. Sun visit us again??

It's unpredictable. I'm going to my cozy bed now, as Mr. Rain and Mr. Wind makes me feel sleepy. And Mr. Cozy Bed too...keep on persuading me. Goodnight for now. Hope the will be a sunny day tomorrow.


Lee Ah Wei said...

So funny when i read your blog! Laugh when i read the repeating of the phrase!haha!! Yaya, i love rainy day only if i have an umbrella with me when i am outside!! Haha!!

a Kimi Raikkonen's fan who type when she's alone said...

ya mah, when u repeat that phrase, means u really mean it mah!