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10 Aug 2009

Not feeling well

I've been abnormal since last Thursday. Headache, sore throat, running nose, hard to breathe...at first, sore throat was on the way from leaving me. But it didnt went off completely. Now, I feel a liltle bit itchy at my throat. Things got worsen on Sunday. Thanks to a whole night rain, my nose was full of mucus. Aiiks. Disgusting. And the mucus can't stop coming out. When it stop, there was like something stuck inside my nose, which actually doesn't have a thing there.

I can't breathe!!!

I can only breathe using my mouth now. And my voice had change. Sucks. What's more, I havent prepare my stuff for the next day, which is today's forum. I just had to bear with it. Anyway, the forum went well, I guess. I mean it's like normal presentation we'd done, few improvements can be done, so yeah, I think it went well. Anyway, I always think positive, as I'd put up my best (and in this unwell condition, plus the forum went on like 30 minutes. Nearly die there. Haha).

Anyway, I'm now back in my room, I still need to finish up my questionaire's stuff. I need to set questions before I can print out and make copies, and meet up with my pembantu. Cool man. I have my own pembantu to help me in the survey for the Convo week! :) Anyway, it still reflect that I'm doing stuff at the last minute, as the Convo week, is...well, ahem, this week. Yeah...in 2 days time, well, to be precise, in 1.5 days time!

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