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14 Aug 2009

Lovely days after stormy days

I feel better now after days of suffering...from sickness. No more headache, but my voice stays the same. Eeuww...I think I still can't eat those oily, fried food, as I still feel itchy around my throat. Porridge again, but I'm lazy to go out (though Tesco is just around teh corner), so bread and oat first. I've finished my forum report, and feel like doing another report-the soal selidik report, before really enjoying the coming-soon semester break.

HOLIDAY MOOD Is In The Air!!!!!!! :)

Will go RedBox on Monday, and then there will be a 3 days Internatioanl Conference on Translation. And then, hahahaha...the anticipated trip that I long before-Genting-Sunway trip!! Yippee!!! Actually, it's supposed to be a Langkawi trip, but some of us couldnt afford it. So we made some changes, and now everyone can travel. Yeah!!!!

I guess all of us feel the same: we are in our final year now, and it seems that we haven't done some coursemates trips. All we had were just makan-makan here and there, and the farest place we'd been is Gurney, in a big group. Pity right? I think this is the time we need to use it wisely. Otherwise, when we have graduate, we will regret it. I don't know about others, but surely, I will surely regret if we didnt had any trip during this Uni life. I've stupidly done something, and I'm now regreting, so I don't want to mess up again.

Thirsting for the lovely days! :0

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