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8 Aug 2009

It's not suppose to be like this

It's my final year in uni, but life still sxxxs. The routine for everyday life is quite the same: wake up for classes, lunch, and if no other classes, back to our room, do some revisions. The extra activities I might have will be group discussions and cycling. It's not the life where I used to be, those life in past semesters. During the past semesters, we (I mean me and my coursemates who took the same papers) had the same timetable. Thus, easier to make arrangement to go somewhere, together.

But now, as some of us took a different paper, I feel like we kindda starting to move on our own way. I miss the times we spend together, whether we went for KTV or Queensbay or steamboat, or even just a simple lunch at Subaidah. I like being around with you guys. And I kindda feel lonely when we don't have this type of gathering, or that the time we spend together is getting lesser and lesser. It's like a practice for us, so that we won't feel so lonely when the real thing happen.

While I'm writing this, it rain suddenly. It makes the lonely's feeling grow stronger. Those lonely and being apart's feelings are the least thing I want. I know it's a part of human's life. I just hope that we can remain as friends, forever. It's hard to start a new relationship, but it's harder to maintain the relationship that we've build. It's meaningless to get new friends and forget old friends.

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