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30 Aug 2009

It's unbelievable. Believe it

There are 5 remaing races (excluded today's race) left in the 2009 Formula 1 race calendar. Since the first Friday practice in Australia, the Brawn-GP Mercedes has shown that they were a strong team, although they were just formed not long ago. And since them, it's driver, Jenson Button had been on the podiums for 7 times out of 11 races, won 6 of the races. This make him one of the favourite to win this year's championship.

But since Formula 1 had gone back to it's European tracks back in June, it had done nothing good to Button. He had never been on the podium. Even worse, his qualifying seems to be unconsistent. The lowest grid position he had was number 8. But things got worsen during yesterday's qualifying in Spa. He couldn't make it into the 2nd qualifying, with the lowest grid postition he had so far, number 14. So, the title contender will have a long way to climb up during today's race.

As if the suprise was not enough, yesterday's qualifying finished with a very rare scene. The very front row for today's race will be filled by the underdogs-a Froce India-Mercedes and a Toyota. And the 10 drivers who made it into the 3rd qualifying round were not the big big teams, except for 1 Ferrari driver. And I guess it will be one of the best qualifying we will have for this year, with the top runners NOT in the position where they should be.

An unpredictable qualifying had ended, but an unpredictable race will starts soon. Tonight at 8pm.

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