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8 Aug 2009

What makes me happy?

The result: LOVE

Happened to play this quiz in Facebook. And, yeah...the answer is true. Below is the elaboration about it:

The thing that makes you happy, even though you might not realise it is love and caring. You like to spend quiet time at home with your family or hang with your friends. As fun-loving as you are, you're also a very emotional person and would have a hard time dealing with life without the love ingredient. The ability to make people laugh is always on your side. Don't lose it. Careful though. Being so nice can go a long way. And having so many friends, some of which in constant need of attention,
can be very stressful at times. Don't overdo it. After all, being so open and friendly for no apparent reason also brings in the threat of becoming vulnerable to traitors, hypocrtis etc... Trusting is always a risky business, don't let anyone invade your privacy, and never get too carried away in those annoying optimistic thoughts. Safety first (: Your ideal romantic match is an opposite of your character. He/she'll complete you in a unimaginable way and make you feel truly content, special... fulfuilled.

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