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7 Aug 2009

One Tree Hill

The series was premiered in 2003, and I've watched quite much of the 1st and 2nd season. But I think the local channel stopped airing it a while, and when I happpened to watch it, it's far from the last episode that I'd watched. Thus, I stop watching it. And now, I've found it in PPStream. So I'm continuing from the part where I've left out!

The series start off with high school years, and continue to 20++ adult's lifes. Originally talk about the life's of 2 half-brothers, and goes on with the stuff around them: families, friends, girl friends, interests, drugs, lives etc.

It's a series for soon-to-be-grown-up-teenage as the series reflect on a teenage's live, until they become adult. Though it reflects mostly on U.S.'s teenage lifestyle, teenage around the other world can learn a thing or two from the series too.

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