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20 Aug 2009

Short Update

Just came back from the International Conference on Translation@PPA-Persidangan Penterjemahan Antarabangsa. A 3 days conference, each days started around 8.30am and finished at 4.30pm. We had morning tea break at 10.30am, lunch at 1pm and another tea break at 4.30pm. Life's good at the conference, especially during the lunch break! So many food to choose!!!!

It was a good experience to join this conference, as I saw many professional people-in and out from Malaysia, gathered together, discussing stuff bout translation and interpretation. I think the conference is a good thing, as translation and interpretation is still a young field here in Malaysia, and there are less people know about it. Hence, there is a 'not being recognised' situation happening here.

Apart from PPA, we, a bunch of third year BATI students who went there, had fun too. Well, I'm not the one who should said 'had a fun fun trip', as I do missed out things with them. Anyway, it was like a chance for us (including Atun, Azira, Kak Ina, Bazli) to get closer to each other, as we stayed together, either in the same room or same floor. Well, actually the guys stayed at another floor. Anyway, all in all, we kindda going out together to had our dinner, went to the night market and the beach. I was unable to join the latter part as I was sick, a thing that I'm regreting now. But like Ming Chee said, "Apa boleh buat?" I can't do anything though. *Left out Afifah and Attan as they joined the conference's dinner each night, so they did not spent most times with us.

Anyway, I had a great time spending with the people that I seldom mixed up, I mean, I do mixed up with them, but not so closely. But seriously, I do like this kind of outing! :0

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