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17 Nov 2009

Mini update

Done the final test, which was sucks...Dr. A, give me marks ar although there are mistakes!! And here's the important part-holiday starts now!!! But this time around, there were no 'grand' celebration, as Chan Poo Bee has her final test tomorrow, and Lee Ah Wei need to rush to catch the 7.15pm's bus to Ipoh to meet her family. The leftovers? Bo bian, have to sendiri makan sendiri. Went dinner at Gee Hin@little wooden house, and had kangkung belacan, lemon chicken and claypot taufu. Chat like always after dinner, only had to stay a little longer as it was raining heavily. Reached home at about 7.45pm, and start to clean my room-I wanna go back to my real home luh!!! Fadilah, wait for me, I'll be back soon!! :)

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