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21 Nov 2009

Kedah trip

Went Kedah on last Thursday til Friday with XinMi, ZheRong and SheiHan. MingWei too, but she didn't joined us from Penang. We met her at Alor Star's bus terminal. Our journey at Kedah started from Alor Star, then going south to Sungai Petani. Had lunch at Alor Star's town, and then went to Paddy Museum. It's actually divided into 2 main place, 1 is the spinnning area to watch the very nice view of the whole village, and another 1 is the museum itself. And then went to the science center. The center is not big, but as long as there is a place like this, it's good for the whole community, especially the children. Afterward, we went to Alor Star's shoping mall, and end up at Shei Han's place. Had dinner and overnight there.

while waiting for MingWei

Journey to Sungai Petani started at 11am. Went to Kedah's airport before leaving to SP. The airport is not big, but it's ok for this small town. Lunch at SP was at a place called "Seventeen". Next place was Lembah Bujang, the famous place with its candi. Then, went to the mall in SP and had egg tarts as our tea break there. Chat a long time there, and then went back to our hotel room. We bathe, and had our dinner, which we bought on the way back from the mall, and then went to XinMi's house. Stayed until 12am, went back to the hotel room and started our pillow talk, until about 4am.

Last day at Kedah, and it started to rain. Had our breakfast and I was accompanied by my friends while waiting for my bus at the SP bus station.

Though it was not a very long trip, but it surely was one of the memorable one, as we shared the laughter together.

teabreak at SP's shopping mall

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