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29 Nov 2009

Post Sri Menanti Trip

Went back to my grandma's house for the past four days. Main reason? One of the relatives were getting married and we were invited to the makan-makan occasion.

It's almost 2 months since the last time I went back. But there were many changes throughout the route back to my grandma's place in Negeri Sembilan. The roads are much better, no more potholes, and Pekan Sri Menanti itself has a new image. The houses have the same color, and each of them have about three clear parking lots-with the line drawn in each lot. All in all, the whole kampung look nicer and not so ulu.

The changes happened due to the installation of the new Yamtuan back in September. It was a grand celebration, almost 2 weeks, as the previous Yamtuan had ruled for a long time. Grandma said there were not much people, but I think the atmosphere was very upbeat. Heard that there were invited singers.

Anyway, apart from the physical changes, there were nothing new. The life in kampung still going slow and steady, while the life in a grocery shop is going fast and furious-well, at certain hours. Except that yesterday, the shop closed much more earlier than any other days, as we were going to the relative's house.

It feels weird to see a 'new' painted house, but that's what a nearby people will get in a royal town when there is any changes/happening in a royal family!

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