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10 Nov 2009

20th Anniversary

November 9 2009, Berlin celebrated the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. The famous wall had separated the east and west of German for 28 years, and was built after the Civil War, when many people were migrating to the west. The wall was finished building in 1961, and that's the official time east and west Germans were totally cut off. No one is allowed to cross over the wall without a valid reason. Among the effects of building the wall was that some families had to live apart form each other-parents in the east, children in west. Years after separation, west German grew stronger, but east German still fighting for freedom and economic purpose. It's not an easy life, but after 28 years in 1989, these people were finally free, and managed to reunite with the families. As the wall is now part of the Germans' and the world's history, the pain that was suffered by those people will be keep in their heart until they had their final breath.

*Source: Wikipedia

The remains of the wall:

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