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19 Nov 2009

It's official

Kimi Raikkonen will now be an 'ex-Formula One driver', since he and team McLaren failed to reach an agreement. Well, it's kindda sad, seeing him leaving the cockpit, but if the agreement does not favourable to both sides at the first place, nothing good will happens, right? Hence, he's taking a sabbatical year, or years. Hopefully it won't be years, as I'll miss him greatly in the F1 picture. I don't think that his passion of driving will 'dry out'. It's in the blood of the Finnish, the Iceman. Whatever it is, I think he'll do things that will make his adrelina runs fast-anything that has to do with speed. I think the next thing in his mind is definetly rallying, a thing that he wanted to do long long time ago. Guess he'll put much effort in rallying, and 'officially' doing it. We'll see what happen in the future, either he'll continue in rallying or in the racing car.

*Will be away from lappie for few days. Going for Kedah trip. Happy holidays to Joan! :0

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