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16 Nov 2009

What I feel right now is that....

...I Miss HOME!!! After days of locking myself in the house and watching 2012, I really missed home and family, food and bed, scenery and bicycle, and the feeling of being at home. Totally different as what I'd feel as long as I'm here in Penang. I speak to my parents on the phone, chat with my brothers online and on phone (well, only speak to 1 brother on phone) but it still not the same feeling as being around with the family.

But there is my last paper tomorrow, and I'll only be back in 5 or 6 days later, still is a long period for me. As such, Westlife's suits my mood now-the feeling of missing someone.


Lee Ah Wei said...

pheng... *sobbing* i become more miss home after watch this song.. FAmily..the most important in our life..esp when we are not with them now..

Chong said...

huhuhu...at least u r going to meet them earlier than me!