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12 Nov 2009

A letter

To my body,

Today I've did some good things and bad things.

Good thing is, I played badminton for about 1.5 hours! It means I sweat a lot during the game, and I think at least some fat was burnt off. :)

Bad thing is that there might be some side effects of it. Legs and hands might feel some pain tomorrow and days after tomorrow as I haven't play for a long time.

But the thing is, I was very happy as I've not been playing for a long long time. As it was not enough, it was the first time I played with my coursemates-Angela, Atan, Bazli, Ben, Gigi, and Kai Sheng. It was full of fun, seeing how we act in sports. Frankly, I haven't see any coursemates in sports. Hehehe..

I hope we can have more badminton matches.

Love, Joan. :0

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